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We have been lucky enough to spend 3 months away again recently, firstly in Malaysia  where our youngest son "Mr Douglas" got married on the lovely island of Langkawi. Our time in Malaysia included Kuala Lumpur (KL to its friends), Langkawi , Georgetown (Penang) and latterly Melaka (Malacca - the Unesco World Heritage site) via Johor Bahru (JB to its friends). We then hired a Motorhome for a month to travel around the top half of North Island New Zealand (NZ). We had already spent 4 months seeing North & South island of this lovely country back in 2007/8 and wanted to see the places we missed out on last time, namely Cape Reinga, 90 mile beach, Hot water beach and the forgotten world highway. After NZ we returned to Australia both of us for the 4th time. Starting in Sydney with family & friends we had a great time. Then Tasmania again with family we flew into Adelaide to pick up our motorhome to travel the Nullabor plain from east to west  but this time with a built in external gas BBQ, bliss! Including our previous trips to OZ we have now travelled around the outside from Cooktown (QLD) to Geraldton (WA) plus Broome, Kunnarra, Darwin (NT) and thru the middle on the Ghan including Alice & Uluru. We have been to all States and can thoroughly recommend Oz to anyone wanting an adventure. We HEART Oz & Nz big style. We finished our trip with 2 weeks in lovely Singapore with Doug and his new wife "Mrs Phoenix". If we tot up the miles / kilometres we drove on this trip we can say we drove the equivalent of the distance from London to Tashkent (Uzbekistan).It is nice being back in the UK now to our own little Motorhome with a whole host of new & exciting trips to look forward to which you can see on our website motorhome-travels. This website shows some of our best pictures and Anne's diary as a memory of a truly wonderful time. Love K&A . We drove 6949 miles in total whilst away in both hire cars and motorhomes. That is split as follows:- Langkawi 225 miles, Singapore to Malacca and back 355 miles, New Zealand 2559 miles and Australia 3810 miles.

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Each page on the drop down under each country is a range of 3 days. Use arrows next to the date range to go back or forwards thru each set of days. Click on any photo thumb to enlarge then use left and right arrows (mid point on each side of the photo) to look at the complete set enlarged.

Total miles driven 7170

In Motorhomes 6369 (2559 in NZ, 3810 in Oz, Nullabor 742),In Cars 801 (Sydney 187, Langkawi 272, Johor 2 Melaka 342)

Dates we were in each country with their flag and currencies

New Diaries (Updated Oct 2020), Old Original Diaries from 2013