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DIARY 2013

Complete DIARY written by Annie, for ALL 91 DAYS of our THIRD HOLIDAY OF A LIFETIME, it is also available in 3 day slots with pictures under each COUNTRY vistited, thanks for looking, love Keef & Annie x

Total miles driven 7170

In Motorhomes 6369 (2559 in NZ, 3810 in Oz, Nullabor 742),In Cars 801 (Sydney 187, Langkawi 272, Johor 2 Melaka 342)

3rd Holiday of a Lifetime, How lucky are We!

Dates we were in each country with their flag and currencies

Each page on the Video slideshow by YT is set for 20 seconds which hopefully is long enough to read each page, clearly if it is not either wind the page back and halt it playing or if the reverse is true I suggest doing a "fast forward" clearly if all else fails use DIARY OLD and find the page you want, thanks