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MALAYSIA, Berjaya to Penang 31 Jan-2 Feb 2013

Leaving family after the Wedding, Oriental Village, Elephant rides & Lebanese meals then goodbyes and onto Penang

Malaysia 31 Jan-2 Feb 2013, Skycab, Oriental Village,Berjaya resort,Plus Reading Annie's Diary, covering amongst others airport, berjaya hotel resort, eagle quay, shops, batik, pantai chenang, pantai kok, seawed crisps, penang, bayview hotel, Georgetown, drove 225 miles on langkawi,hire car, taxci, permata kedah, langkawi jewel of kedah, skycab, cable cars, oriental village, mount machinchang, family, parascending, Lebanese meal, farewell to Brian & Gina, Craig & Leanne, Doug & Phoenix, 51 images in the selective slideshow

Our selective slideshows with music and / or speech will show some of the scenes we saw and record our memories